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Eurosmith Hands down, the world's best Aerosmith look-alike & sound-alike
Eurosmith is so close that Steven Tyler himself asked to meet their singer Luca after seeing him in the news, declaring him "frighteningly similar", taking pictures, and inviting him to join on the microphone for their crowd of 60,000. Since 1997.
Live: I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing
BACK:N:BLACK One of the world's best
All-girl tributes to AC/DC

BACK:N:BLACK is not just another AC/DC tribute. Or a great group of girls playing rock. BACK:N:BLACK is one of the world's best tributes to AC/DC, end of story. They all just happen to be drop-dead gorgeous girls.
Teaaser | Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Fiche
Guns 2 roses The only Guns N Roses tribute to perform with members of the old and new GNR lineup
Playing to thousands throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East and USA, appearing on TV and magazines across Europe, and friends with members of the actual band, G2R are nearly legends themselves.
Live: Civil War (2012)
Live: Paradise City (2011)
D'ANGLERZ Pushing the Boundries of
Original Hard Rock

Never predictable, Swiss/Californian hard rock band D'ANGLERZ has evolved their sound over the years, imbibing inspiration from classic rock, punk, metal, blues to glam. Influences include GNR, Aerosmith, Zeppelin, Monster Magnet, Nugent, Mötley Crüe, AC/DC, & MaDM. This is a band to watch.
Video: Big God (2011)
Live: Rollin' On (2010)
shocking P!NK Band Shocking P!NK Band is the only
All-star Rock Tribute to P!NK

A tribute band unlike any other. Take P!NK's attitude & theatrical stage approach, then add a hard rock edge, larger-than-life musicians, dust with magic and sprinkle a cartoonish sense of humor. Every band member is unique. Every show is unique.
I'm not Dead (2011)
Live Ave Mary A (2011)
Six string shooters
100% Pure Rock N Roll Shots
Air guitar competitions, free shots, singing contests-- SSS is THE bar band to get people up & rocking. And jumping off tables. And stage diving into swimming pools. You want fire? Six String Shooters will bring the firepower. And leather & studs, Glitter Tattoos, and Hell & High Heels. Also available: unplugged band.